A farmer👨‍🌾 was always struggling to hire help for his farm.🌽 The winds🌬️🍃 were strong and destroyed everything so no one😤 wanted to work on the farm.
One day, he interviewed 17 year old Jim👱 for the job. “Are you good❓” “Well, I can sleep💤 when the wind blows,” answered Jim. Though confused, he hired Jim out of desperation.
One night,🎑🌚 there were strong winds! The farmer ran🏃💨 to wake Jim up. Jim rolled over in bed🥱🛌 and said: “I told you, I can sleep when the wind blows.”
Furious,😡 the farmer ran to the farm. All the hay was packed, the cows🐄 in the shed, the chickens🐔 in the coops, the windows & doors🚪 locked. Now he knew😌 why Jim was sleeping.
What has this story got to do with your wealth💰🛣️ journey?

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