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💰Are you a Fixed Deposit Investor🏦?

Want to maximize your savings and take control of your financial future🔮? If yes, Guaranteed Insurance Plans might be the solution for you💡

Guaranteed plans are insurance policies that offer a guaranteed rate of return on the premium paid by the policyholder. These plans typically have a low-risk investment option and provide a fixed rate of return over the policy term.

Check out this illustration of how a Guaranteed plan works👀: Pay INR 5 Lakh for 10 years and then receive INR 6.13 Lakh for 25 years and on maturity get another INR 50 Lakh💰.

Advantages of Guaranteed Insurance Plans include👇:

💰 Tax-Free Returns:

Enjoy 100% tax-free returns at maturity🍎, unlike fixed deposits.

💪 Investment Flexibility:

Choose the amount you want to invest each year📆 and the number of years you want to invest and receive payouts.

💵 NRI Benefit:

NRIs have an added advantage as they do not have to pay GST🙌.

A 7% return with Guaranteed Insurance Plans is equivalent to 10% from an FD (for those in 30% tax bracket) 💰

Interest rates are likely to decrease over time as India continues to develop, similar to the trend in the US and Europe.

With Guaranteed Insurance Plans, you have the option to lock in high interest rates for the next 30-40 years, which is not possible with fixed deposits. 💰

It’s important to note that these plans are not liquid and difficult to surrender. 💼 Starting April 1st, 2023, plans with premiums over INR 5 Lakhs will be taxable. 💰

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