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Secure your Retirement by Investing today for financial independence tomorrow to Enjoy your 2nd innings.
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Want to send your child to University abroad? The earlier you start, the easier it is to achieve this goal
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A dream with a date and broken into steps is a plan. A plan with regular investments means you can Buy your Dream Home!
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Save Taxes and Build Wealth at the same time. Every bit counts.
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Prevent your financial plans from going haywire! Build an Emergency Fund
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Travel has a way of Expanding the Mind. Make Memories all over the World with your Loved Ones!
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One app to track your mutual fund investments

More than 8,000 funds from 40 asset management companies

Live fund updates

Insights based on Thorough Research and Expert Analysis

Why choose The Prudent Investor

Manage your wealth with a trusted AMFI registered advisor, who works only in your interest.

We bring deep insights and expertise to deliver real results.

We take a long term sustainable view.

We maintain a passionate focus on our Clients!

We drive a relentless focus on using technology to provide excellent service.

How We Provide

As per your goals, risk appetite and investment time frame. We recommend the percentage of equity to debt.

Is the fund a consistent performer? What is the fund manager’s track record? How volatile is it compared to its peers…

Perceiving our client’s spoken and unspoken requirements and providing a complete financial solution.

Regularly bringing a portfolio back to its original asset allocation to lower risk and optimize returns.

Clients Speak

Client Testimonial 1
Client Testimonial

I have been investing since 2004 and have met 25+ wealth advisors. Before TPI, I was investing in the wrong schemes for my goals: ULIPS, Insurance, etc. I came to TPI in 2017. And we have chalked out a future plan as well. Unlike relationship managers from international banks and insurance conglomerates where I was mis-sold insurance products as investment products. Other advisors didn't go into so much detail, here the products were thoroughly explained to me and the various funds compared. This usually takes a lot of time but here it was simple and effective. What really inspired a lot of confidence in me was seeing my advisor’s portfolio which included some of the schemes he was recommending to me.



Client Testimonial 2
client testimonial 2

My advisor at TPI has been phenomenal with all the support provided for managing my money. Very well informed and knowledgeable in this field; He has been very proactive in contacting me and regularly updating me on the performance of my funds. One of the safest and most trusted advisors that I have come across. Manages my funds with the sole aim of ensuring the safest but best returns for my savings. I have recommended him to all my family and friends who have had the same experience working with him.



Client Testimonial 3
client testimonial 3

I am very happy with the services provided by The Prudent Investor. They provide apt plans suited to my needs and share the pros and cons of each with me. This helps me in making a calculated decision. There are plenty of options provided and I am not forced into choosing. Instead, I get to see a diverse range of products.



Client Testimonial 4
client testimonial 4

It's been a pleasure working with The Prudent Investor over the past year. What differentiates them is that they share the facts and research on funds, and then let you decide. They guide you keeping in mind your best interests, rather than pushing investment products that are beneficial for them. The trust factor is very essential in the investment advisor relationship, and having worked with them I can say that I trust them completely.



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Your Money at your Fingertips


Your funds never pass through our bank account. All remittances are always directly to the Asset Management Companies.


Completely Paperless Procedure, be it a lump sum or an SIP. Whenever, Wherever, from the comfort of your smartphone, tablet or PC. In less than 5 minutes!


Redeem your funds and credit your account in 5 days or less.Pause your SIP or modify your date or amount with just a text message.

Start Investing in less than 5 minutes!

  • Paperless Investing
  • Goal Based Planning: Tag your funds to your goals
  • Convenient Tracking of Funds
  • Learn about Mutual Funds: Read and Watch Videos

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