Increasing Cost

Current College costs range from Rs 3-9L every year in India and Rs 40-50L in the US (including hostel, books, and fees.) And these costs are increasing annually at about 10% in India and 3% in the US.

Inflexible Timeline

Unlike other financial goals, there cannot be any change in the timelines because the joining date cannot be changed. Today the courses, institutes and countries where our children may want to study are numerous. As parents, we want to be financially prepared for our children's dreams.

Benefit of Long Term Goal

As investing for a child’s education is a long term goal, thankfully you can harness the alpha that equity offers to achieve higher, inflation beating returns. A few years before the due date, the funds will be systematically transferred to safer debt instruments.

Start Planning

There are two important numbers to consider: the future value of the goal and the time at hand. Say your child is going to start college ten years from now. Get a rough idea of two options: attending a private University in India or studying in the US. Kindly refer to the table below.

College Education Plan

Private University in IndiaUniversity in the US
Current Cost of College (incl Hostel)3 Lakhs/year$65,000/year
Annual Increase in College Fees10%3%
Cost of 1st Year in 20308.3 Lakhs87.3 Lakhs
Cost of 2nd Year in 20319.1 Lakhs92.5 Lakhs
Cost of 3rd Year in 203210.1 Lakhs98 Lakhs
Cost of 4th Year in 203311.1 Lakhs1 Crore
Total Cost for 4 Years38.6 Lakhs3.8 Cr
Monthly SIP required8,300/month80,400/month
Increase SIP annually by 8%8%
Current Exchange Rate: 1 US$ = 72 INR. Assumptions: Annual USD appreciation of 3%. This plan is for illustrative purposes. The amounts should not be considered as fixed as the rate of return on investments, though based on research, is not guaranteed. Taxes on income are not considered.

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